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Quick Resources

Formulary Lists
Standard Plan Medications
- Four tier formulary guide to drug coverage.
Preventive Medications
- Find out which preventive medications are covered at no cost to members.
Specialty and Prior Authorization
Some medications require prior authorization before being covered. A prior authorization request form must be submitted by a healthcare provider on behalf of their patient to initiate the process.
With approval for treatment with a specialty medication, patients have complimentary access to specialty pharmacy care teams who will work in partnership with the patient’s healthcare provider to support treatment adherence and success.
Contact our Specialty Pharmacy partner to initiate personalized support.

Specialty Medications
Learn more about specialty medication support programs, required prior authorization and how to get patient support started.

Specialty Pharmacy Partner
Get personalized care support started.
Call (206) 413-9371.
Prior Authorization Medications
Use this guide to learn which medications, including specialty medications require PA.
Prior Authorization Request Form
Use this form to initiate Prior Authorization review for your patient.



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