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Pharmacy Partners

Mail Order Pharmacy
Prescryptive members who prefer the convenience of mail order can request home deliveries through our national mail order pharmacy partner, GoGoMeds.
Prescryptive members can Sign in here to set up or access their mail order account before or after their prescription is written or sent.
Get mail order convenience started.
Search your EMR for:
GoGoMeds (Southgate, KY 41071)
or Specialty Medical Drugstore
Pharmacy Type: MAIL or RETAIL
NPI: 1659779064
NCPDP: 1834793
(206) 413-9373
(888) 978-7947
Specialty Pharmacy
Specialty medications require a prior authorization before being covered. A prior authorization request form must be submitted by a healthcare provider on behalf of their patient to initiate the process.
With approval for treatment with a specialty medication patients have complimentary access to specialty pharmacy care teams who will work in partnership with the patient’s physician to support treatment adherence and success.
Get personalized specialty care started.
Search your EMR for:
Amber Pharmacy Nebraska
10004 South 152nd Street
Omaha, NE 68138
Pharmacy Type: MAIL or RETAIL
NPI: 1770586349
NCPDP: 2815338
(206) 413-9371
(402) 896-3774



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